Scientific and educational programs

“Journey to the Sun” (for primary school students)

Scientific and educational program “Journey to the Sun” introduces students to concepts which people used to have about the Sun in ancient times, with beliefs and legends associated with the Orb of Day. Children will learn about the emergence of stone solar observatories, the invention of the first telescope, which helped to discover sunspots, as well as astronomers’ studies of the Sun’s structure. The program particularly focuses on the A.L. Chizhevsky’s discovery of the dependence of earth events on the Sun’s activity.

The program ends with demonstration of the scientific documentary film “The Sun”.

“Lightning in the hands of man” (for students of middle and high school age)

Scientific and educational program “Lightning in the hands of man” enables students to obtain knowledge about the nature of lightning and electricity in the atmosphere and about healing properties of air. Students will learn about inventions of the lightning rod, electroeffluvial (air ionising) chandelier used to saturate the air with healing air ions, most widely known as “Chizhevsky chandelier”.

The program ends with demonstration of the scientific documentary film “Air ions and human health”.

Cognitive and educational game: “I serve my homeland” (for middle and high school students)

The goals and objectives of the game: cultivation of patriotic spirit in the young generation, study of the history of their homeland.

The route, rules and questions to participants have been developed.

Museum events

February – Birthday of A.L. Chizhevsky

March – International Women’s Day

April – Cosmonautics Day

May – International Event “Museum Night”

June – Birthday of A.S. Pushkin

September – Birthday of K.E. Tsiolkovsky

October – Autumn sketches (musical and poetic evening)

November – Arts night

December – Day of Remembrance of A.L. Chizhevsk